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8th July 2018 Low Waste Is Growing – Get Involved!

12 Feb 2018 If You’re Scared of the Plastic Bag Ban – Read This

22 Jan 2018  I Visited A Recycling Depot – And Now Make My Own Jam

2 Dec 2017 Christmas Eco-Style

6 Sept 2017 Super September

18 July 2017  A Fashion Fix

11 Jul 2017  My Awesome Grandma!

27 Jun 2017  More Phascogale Homes

13 Jun 2017  Understorey Regeneration Part IV

6 Jun 2017    Happy 1st Birthday Katanning EcoHouse!

30 Jun 2017  3/7 of the Way to Killing A Bridal Creeper

23 May 2017  Above and Below the Line

19 May 2017  People Care!

11 May 2017 Our War on Waste

22 Mar 2017  A Camera Crew In My Kitchen

8 Mar 2017   On the Innovation Stage

21 Feb 2017   Why Come to Our Eco-House Tour?

12 Feb 2017   The Big Rain and Climate Change

31 Jan 2017    Compost for Chelsea

17 Jan 2017    Thanks Coal, You’ve Been Great

3 Jan 2017      Sneak Peeking at the Understorey

20 Dec 2016   Ban the Bag – Why?

13 Dec 2016   Better Choices in the Bathroom

29 Nov 2016   The Truth About Our Hybrid Electric Car

22 Nov 2016   I Love Public Speaking

15 Nov 2016   Doors to the Past

8 Nov 2016     Happy National Recycling Week

1 Nov 2016     Award Winning Produce

22 Oct 2016    Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Summer!

18 Oct 2016    Soil Water and Muddy Pants

14 Oct 2016    We Got the Wind Sorted

11 Oct 2016     The Latest Thinking

6 Oct 2016        Understorey Regeneration

1 Oct 2016       National Award Winner

9 Sept 2016     Toy Library Saves the Planet!

23 Sept 2016   Speaking Up for the Climate

21 July 2016  Ella Up For National Award

8 July 2016   Wind Turbine Goes Up!

Ella also writes blogs on a range of local environmental issues and household sustainability topics for Katanning Landcare. Check them out here at Our Stories at Katanning Landcare.


One thought on “Blog

  1. An absolutely awesome and inspiring read Ella – I’ve digested every word on every page and have safely locked it in to the limited greymatter I have left at my age. 10 years ago I wanted to build a straw-bale house but was heavily criticised and eventually too terrified to even entertain the idea anymore with all the horror stories that I’d been consistently told! Your story is extremely heartening and gives me renewed courage and hope that a cheeky lil straw-bale build may not be completely absent from my future afterall. Thanks so much to you, David n lil Zavier for that – and for taking me for a spin in Ferdinand – methinks a super cool ‘ninja’ electric car might also be a feature in my lil family’s future 😊 Helsi xoxo


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