There is a lot of glass in our house, and most people ask “why didn’t you do double glazing?”. The simple answer is we couldn’t afford it.

Our windows are all single pane glass, with aluminium frames. With the exception of the windows and sliding doors sourced from the salvage yard, they were all made to order locally through a Katanning glazing company. The sizes and shapes of many of our windows are non-standard, which limited what we could get second-hand.

Windows are a huge source of heat loss and gain. All windows in the bedrooms, tower and lounge room are curtained with block-out heavy curtains to assist with stopping unwanted heat transfer. Wipe-clean blinds are used in the more ‘icky’ areas such as the laundry, kitchen and entryway. The large northfacing windows in the main living area are uncovered – not ideal, but we haven’t yet found a solution to balance covering vs the views that we love! And the house temperatures stay pleasant enough as it is so action on that matter hasn’t been a priority!

Fortunately, the strawbale walls also create inbuilt pelmets, proving a ‘roof’ over the top of the windows which helps to stop heat escape / penetration around the edges of our curtains


Deep window bays from the strawbales, with blockout curtains.