Speaking Up for the Climate

Ella is lending her experience across the agricultural and sustainability sectors to help communicate climate change messages with the Australian public.

As one of the newest Spokespeople with the Climate Media Centre, Ella is now one of a number of skilled people from a variety of sectors that are available for media outlets and journalists to access for comment and content for climate change stories. Spokespeople come from a variety of backgrounds, including firefighters, medical professionals and farmers, who have a ‘front row seat’ to the impacts of climate change on our society.

Ella completed training in Perth a few weeks ago to hone skills in working with print, TV and radio media, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting other passionate people who are witnessing the negative impacts of climate change in their own professions.

Check out the Climate Media Centre at http://www.climatemediacentre.org.au/ which is a project of the Climate Council of Australia https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/


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