My Awesome Grandma!

I think we could all learn a thing or two from our grandparents.

They’re the ‘mend and make do-ers’, are from a time when ‘disposable’ wasn’t even a thing and have skills and attitudes that the increasingly-environmentally-conscious Gen Ys and Zs need to grab with both hands! (And maybe some Gen Xs and Baby Boomers should too…) They know how to live lighter on our Earth.

My own lovely Grandma, Mary, is 87 and doing her bit for the planet.

Grandma was the first person in our family to put solar panels on their house. Who says old folks don’t embrace new technology?! She said when she proudly showed me them that she was doing it for us grandkids and her great grandkids (of which she now has four). “My generation has made a mess of the environment, we need to be fixing it for you younger ones.” Awesome Grandma!

Grandmas roof – solar panels and a solar hot water system.

She’s an avid gardener, and composts everything from kitchen scraps to tissues. This keeps organics out of landfill and from producing methane greenhouse gas, plus makes great soil-improver.

Grandma with her compost bin.

It was Grandma who got me onto modern cloth sanitary pads 16 years ago, but she blew my mind when I found out her innovative use for pens that had run out – she uses them as mini-stakes to support new seedlings in the garden! Now that really is up-cycling and keeping plastic from landfill!

Old pens to help support her newly emerged carnations.

Right now, Grandma is working on a secret craft project that involves re-using the strings from teabags.

Saving tea-bag strings for the secret project!

She won’t tell me what it is yet, but I’m sure its going to be another great example of finding value in the resources you have, rather than always throwing away and getting something new. Like making this planter out of an old letterbox…!

My Grandma is awesome 🙂




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