More Phascogale Homes

There’s a new house behind ours. It’s named KA-16-8, and we’re just waiting for the new residents to move in.

We’re participating in a Landcare project to improve the habitat for the ‘conservation dependent’ Red Tailed Phascogale (Phascogale calura), a gorgeous little native tree-dweller that is found in our area, but is suffering thanks to loss of habitat and predation by cats. Check out A Real Live Phascogale, which I wrote about meeting one of this critters on our farm, and the initial work we did to protect them.

Last year we planted 3000 trees along the edge of one of our paddocks as part of this new project, to provide more habitat for the Phascogales.

Seedlings ready to go in.

This year we were pleased to receive three new nesting boxes, made specifically for Phascogales, and have installed them in bush areas on our farm – one in our home block of bush.

Unfortunately, this injured Red Tailed Phascogale died before we could get him to the Wildlife Carer (Feb 2016). We’re hoping that as a result of this project, they’ll have better shelter and protection, thus more chance of survival.

It’s our responsibility to monitor these boxes and report if any Red Tailed Phascogales (and hopefully their babies!) make use of them. Fingers crossed they do!

Thanks to Katanning Landcare and the South West Catchments Council for funding and delivering this project.



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