Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Summer!

One of the key principles behind a solar passive house is to welcome the sunlight in during winter and keep it out in summer.

This way, you utilise the sun to warm the house when you need it, and keep the house cool by exclusion in summer. As a result, you need to put far less effort into moderating the inside temperature as you’re working with the sun rather than against it. And lets face it – the sun is a massive powerhouse that is completely beyond our control, why would you want to fight against it?!

But look around, there are a huge number of houses that are constantly battling it – with an air conditioner. Just mad if you ask me.

In our house, we have large northern windows which let sunshine deep into our house in winter, making it lovely and warm and bathed in natural light. Many people ask “but what about in summer?”.


Deep sunshine in July (winter)

In summer, the sun is high in the sky and our windows all have eaves which are the perfect width for shading at the summer sun angles – there is no direct sunlight, and therefore heat, entering our house in summer. Perfect 🙂

And even though the weather this year hasn’t felt like summer (or even spring!) is on its way, the gradual recession of the sun from the house is a surefire sign that summer is coming.

Going, going... mid October.

Going, going…  October.

The last of the sunshine falling through our windows disappeared this week.


Gone. See you again next autumn!

Goodbye sunshine, hello summer!


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