The Eco-House

David and Ella owner-built their house over the course of 18 months in 2010 and 2011.

The drivers for embarking on the incredible, difficult, rewarding, frustrating, satisfying, scary, fun undertaking were different for the two of us, but lead to the same result.DSCN4126-001

For Ella , an environmental scientist working with Katanning Landcare, the house symbolised a chance to ‘practice what she preaches’, to really move into a sustainable living situation, lead by doing and helping the planet by cleaning up her own backyard first. For David, a cattle sheep and grain farmer, the thrill of being able to ‘grow his own home’ from his cereal crop and build something with his own hands for his family was the motivation.

Architect Ken Wibberly of Solar Dwellings was the mastermind behind bringing together a unique location, good solar passive design, a pre-collected set of building materials to be used and some ‘odd’ design brief requirements (such as Ellas request for an ‘interesting’ shape!). Kens lines-on-a-page have transformed into a comfortable, functional, beautiful family home.DSCN4136-001