People Care!

Last week the awesome Lisa and Wil from ABC wrote a story on our domestic rubbish achievements and the response has been so exciting!

On Friday 12th May,  I did radio interviews with ABC Great Southern / South West and Radio 6PR in Perth. I was thrilled that there was such interest – especially from the city. The article was shared 42 times on the ABC Facebook pages alone!

Then ‘That’s Life!’ magazine contacted us because they want to do a story on how our family has achieved such a small rubbish output.

This Sunday, I’m going to be gracing the airwaves of Canberra and surrounding NSW in a segment on novel ways of reducing waste with presenter Lish from ABC Canberra (so listen out for me all of you in the ACT!  10.10am EST).

But most exciting of all was a text I got last night from a friend in Melbourne. His girlfriend read the article on ABC Online and bought herself a bamboo toothbrush to replace using plastic ones. Now, my friend had been away at the time, so his girlfriend (whom I’ve never met) had no idea who the family in the article was – when he returned home and learned of this, he just had to tell me!

That’s what I’m hoping for. People to make changes. To hear our story, and even if they are perfect strangers to us, to see that change to Australias waste habits are necessary and entirely achievable. And be inspired enough to do it 🙂

It’s not hard, and it’s not about changing your lifestyle. It’s about changing the choices you make within that lifestyle.



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