Welcome to our house! We are a family of four on a journey to living a high-standard ‘mainstream’ life with minimal impact on the environment. We live just outside of Katanning, 300km south east of Perth, Western Australia, in the agricultural zone.

Over 2011 – 2012 we built our own off-grid solar passive strawbale house and since then have worked to fill this ‘shell’ with an environmentally conscious way of life. More than 400 people have toured our home, and we’ve become a point-source of information for other eco-builders.


We’re really proud of our progress so far, and want to share our learnings with others, particularly those on the building journey, so that they too can live more sustainably.

Watch a short film (2:24 mins) about our house on ABC Online.

We offer a range of presentations, workshops and tours to help others reduce their environmental footprint. Book us for your next event!