A Camera Crew in My Kitchen

Today I was a film star, stage actress, Prime Minister facing a press conference and a model. Or it certainly felt like it!

This morning a journalist and cameraman from ABC Online turned up (pre-arranged!) to do a piece on Katanning EcoHouse, a modern family living sustainably and the EcoHouse Tours we’re running this Sunday.

Four hours later, it was a wrap! My husband and I had been interviewed with a microphone for some audio pieces and we’d posed with our youngest child for family snaps around the house. We were filmed opening doors, inspecting the wind turbine, picking tomatoes. I was put under the spotlight (literally – and it was really bright), for a formal interview piece facing two cameras and miked up like a newsreader!


Will the cameraman was thorough and used all sorts of interesting pieces of equipment – my favourite being a sliding camera holder that used a small motor to pan across a scene. I don’t think there is a part of this house that he didn’t capture!

Lisa the journalist was on the ball, engaging and encouraging, asking all sorts of great questions and sharing some laughs.

It will be a day or two until the final story has been cut, edited and pieced together into a mix of print, imagery and video for ABC Online – and we’ll be sure to share it with you when it goes live!

What a day! And what a great opportunity to share the sustainable living message!




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