On the Innovation Stage

At 10.30am on Saturday the 25th of March 2017, I will be taking a deep breath and launching into a 20 minute story-telling session about our family journey to a more sustainable life. I invite you to pull up a chair and join me.

I was delighted to be asked by GreenSkills, the organisers of the Great Southern Sustainable Living Expo,  to come along and share our story in Albany, on the beautiful south coast of Western Australia.

Albany. You can see why I'm excited to be invited to speak here!

Albany Wind Farm. You can see why I’m excited to be invited to speak in a town like this!

Preparing for an event like this is a great chance to reflect. Our story isn’t necessarily linear – the changes our family have made to reduce our environmental footprint come in bursts and ebbs, with different reasons and drivers and impacts. Some easy, some hard. Some cheap, some expensive.

I hope I will be able to bring the audience along with me, as I share our personal story – well, as much as I can condense about 8 years into 20 minutes! I’ll cover those lightbulb moments and gradual shifts as us two ‘ordinary’ (then) 20-something-year-olds began the foray into the enormous project of building our sustainable home, and how that has shaped the way we live – integrating two small children into the equation along the way! And the changes that are still underway, and those yet to come.

I’ll mention everything from building our strawbale home, to ransacking the pantry for palm oil; from superannuation, to realising just how many disposable things are in our life and trying to deal with them;  from why I started this website and blog, to vege gardening.

I want the session finish with a conversation – there’s 45 minutes allocated to our time with the stage, so there will be heaps of time for questions and discussions. If I cover something you’re interested in too quickly, here’s your time to ask more. And I’m happy to chat with you. I’m not going to put up PowerPoint screens of diagrams and data and text. I’m going to talk. Share. Gesture enthusiastically with my hands. Recount.

And then afterwards you can head out amongst the Expo and check out an awesome range of exhibitors (there will be an electric car there, I’m excited!), workshops, food and suppliers.


Check out http://www.expo.greenskills.org.au for more details on the program!

Come along, it will be fun 🙂 Next to the Albany Town Hall, York St, Albany.


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