I Love Public Speaking

Yep, I know most people would rather die than get up in front of a large audience. Or need to resort to techniques such as visualising everyone in their underwear (I never understood that). But I love it.

It is such a privilege to be able to bring people into a story and share something. There is an element of human-ness that actually listening to someone, there, in person, in the same room brings. It takes words off a page or a screen and brings them to life.


Some great feedback pinned to a conference comment wall after one my presentations.

Public speaking isn’t about reading aloud a carefully written speech. Its about engaging and storytelling. It is facial expressions and body language and tone modulation and emotions. It is more a performance than a scientific paper.


With my friend, The Microphone.

And it’s two way. Just as the audience is watching to the speaker, the speaker is also watching the audience – picking up their cues and body language and adapting their presentation on the fly to match. Just as you would in a real conversation because that’s what it is. And whether it be a formal question time, or catching up with the speaker at a later date, it opens up discussions and flows of ideas and new contacts. It builds relationships.

That’s the magic of presentation speaking. And that’s why I enjoy it so much that I’ve made a small business from it. How lucky am I?!


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