Success in living in a solar passive house is partially the house design, and partially the way you ‘operate’ the house. Fortunately, very little operation is required (hence the word ‘passive’) and the house does most of the work – brilliant! As a result, we find we’re not ‘fighting’ weather – even if we have been away for a number of days, the house is still pleasant upon return, unlike many modern homes where it is uncomfortable until the heating or airconditioning has time to kick in upon human return.

Daily temperatures in Katanning range from -2oC in winter to 40oC+ in summer, meaning that good housing design and function has to be able to cope with both extremes.

At risk of sounding like the presenter of one of our favourite British TV shows about certain grand designs, the house cocoons and protects us in a friendly and welcoming way. It enhances our quality of life.

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