Understorey Regeneration Part IV

We’re participating in a project to rehabilitate the understorey in the wandoo woodland around our house, by trialing different methods – direct seeding and seedlings with / without treatments of Soil Water and tree-guards. We have just checked the sites again, now that winter has begun. And the results are starting to become interesting…

(Check out Sneak Peaking at the Understorey, Soil Water and Muddy Pants and Understorey Regeneration for the back story.)

Me inspecting seedlings that have tree guards.

At the site using seedlings, those that have been tree-guarded appear to be doing better than those not guarded. There have been less seedling losses, and the plants appear to be taller.

In the unguarded section, there is a stark difference between halves. One side is doing well, one side is close to all dead. Now, the side that is doing well is also the section that had Soil Water applied. The poor looking side did not. Hmmm…

No tree guards, no soil water. And not a lot of life.

No tree guards, with soil water. And looking alright!

We also spotted a fungi poking its head up in the section of guarded seedlings that had Soil Water applied.

A fungi.

In the direct seeding site, there was a glimmer of green emerging in a patch. Could this be something has finally germinated?? Alas, after rushing over with high hopes, it was nothing other than Guildford Grass, a weed. So, still nothing positive to report for our direct seeding!

Thanks to Katanning Landcare and the WA State Natural Resource Management Program for the support for this project.


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