Wind Turbine Goes Up!

I love wind turbines. The majestic grace of their blades sweeping through the air, shaped like enormous flowers rising up from the landscape, quietly and brilliantly converting wind into electricity. There is something fascinating and spell-binding about them. I’ve always wanted one. And now I have one.

Last weekend, the concrete footings for the pole and four guy ropes were put down to give suitable time for drying. Trenching to run the cable from the turbine through to our existing battery bank was done with the tractor and a lot of manual digging by David the week before. The turbine head was assembled in our kitchen, and the pole segments were put together in the garage.


Trenching for the electric cables.

Then yesterday, in freezing cold temperatures and a less-than-friendly winter wind, David and Dave from Dilleys Electrical Service brought the dream to life. OK, so it’s a 1kW turbine, not quite the 8MW turbines of the big wind farms, but a wind turbine none the less!


Dave and David working on the installation.

It took about 5 hours of work, running the cables and conduit, making all the connections and finally raising the pole. Luckily we have a tractor, making the 8m lift easier. I pitched in with some excellent use of a spirit level, and providing hot lunch and afternoon tea for the bone-chilled men!


Up she goes!


Electrician Dave connecting the new wind turbine into our existing battery storage bank.

This morning, the sky has cleared and I have a wind-turbine spinning away next to my house. And I’m actually slightly disappointed with how silent it is! But it is beautiful.


Day 1 with a wind turbine!





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