Recycled Materials

Just because something has been used before doesn’t mean it’s rubbish! Recycling materials into the build saves money, stops good products going to landfill and doesn’t require new products to be made and transported. It can take longer to source, but is worth it! Here’s a list of what we used and where we got it from.

Item Used For Sourced From
12 solid oregan doors All internal room doors Most from the original farm homestead (built 1904), some salvaged from renovations at The Exchange Hotel in Katanning.
2 windows Kitchen and laundry windows Salvage Yard
3 glass sliding doors Entry, laundry and master bedroom external doors Salvage Yard
2 ceramic bathroom sinks, 1 steel kitchen sink, 1 steel laundry trough Kitchen, bathrooms and laundry Salvage Yard
14 wandoo posts Verandah posts Has been cut from the farm 40 years ago for a shed that was never built.
Roofing iron Part of the roof Salvage Yard
Wandoo planks Bathroom vanities and laundry bench tops Original sheep yard posts and rails from the farm.
Spiral Staircase Access to upstairs cooling tower Gumtree website
Red Tingle planks Kitchen countertop Originally from the Albany Jetty, sourced from a clearing sale by a family member years ago then passed to us.
Floorboards Floor of cooling tower room Abandoned homestead from the neighbouring property (with permission)
Bricks (an entire truckload) Base of strawbale walls, bathroom hobs, benchwork in kitchen / dining etc Salvaged from the demolition of a local sports pavilion. Cleaned off old mortar onsite, which was then used as part of the rubble for the base of strawbale walls.
Jarrah lengths Framing of entranceways into games room and lounge room Salvage yard.
Historic doorframe with opening for above-door window Connecting hallway to study with space for hot air flow window Abandoned homestead from the neighbouring property (with permission).
Paving Bricks Outdoor paths Found via Facebook from a local with spares.
Jarrah weatherboards Cubby house Recycled from the original stables on the farm.
Miscellaneous items Sheeting, treated pine, bricks Leftovers from other building sites around Katanning and Perth (with permission)



David sanding back old doors for reuse in our house.


The recycled staircase in place in our new home.


A huge job! Cleaned bricks on the right, still-to-be-cleaned bricks on the left.