We Got the Wind Sorted

Earlier this winter we installed our 1KW wind turbine. And then proceeded to get a whole lot of grey hairs stressing about why it didn’t seem to be working.

It didn’t seem to be putting any electricity into our system, and in fact, seemed to be dropping our state of charge lower and lower. Had we broken it all? Eeek!

And it turns out our hilltop isn’t as windy as we thought – perhaps we should have made a more thorough check of the Bureau of Meteorology data  first?!

After many phone calls, emails, re-reads of the manual, standing outside with a wind-meter and walkie talkies, filming and photographing, the problem was solved.

We simply hadn’t connected one wire from the wind turbine into the inverters of our solar power system. So the system was still registering all the power used, but not registering the power input from the wind turbine – hence the state of charge algorithm was showing lower and lower state of charge.

So now we have that sorted (!!), turns out our turbine is working exactly as the specs said it would.

And this week – which has been cloudy, wet and windy – we have had a fully charged electric car, as the wind turbine has been making the electricity when the solar panels have struggled due to the weather. Exactly what we wanted it to do.

We’re happy 🙂


Making electricity!


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