A very important material that went into the construction of our house is love! And unfortunately, we think that is something that is missing from so many modern-day constructions.

The majority of the build was done by ourselves – David took charge of the building site while Ella took project management and general TA duties. It was certainly a test for a newly married couple, but also a great collaborative achievement.

So many people pitched in and helped with the build – a few hired tradies, but also an enormous number of family and friends, who came with willing hands to work like slaves for nothing other than a cup of tea and toasted sandwich! And of course, the joy of making something worthwhile for someone you love.


Lynne and Jane

Being hands-on and sharing the build with so many special people means every part of the house is filled with memories this house was built as a community, with heart and purpose and soul.

David, Ella and Zavier would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who voluntarily gave their time, tools, knowledge and/or equipment to make our house happen:

Adrian Mason


Simon and Amanda

Amanda Fairs

Andrea Salmond

Angela Petrow

Barry Green

Danielle Perrie

Gemma Warburton

Geoff Faro



Grahame Maesepp

Jamie Shuttleworth

Jane Sandeman

Jim Potter

John Hall

John Paul Collins

Jonathan Potter

Kathryn Barlow

Nicko fitting our alfresco door


Lynne Hall

Marianne Perrie

Matt Berrigan

Maxine Potter

Maxwell Maesepp

Nadirah Potter

Nicko Newman

Peter Potter


Barry and John

Phil Pink

Scott Warburton

Simon Devinish

Simon Potter

Tenelle Quartermaine

Zinnia Browne