Award Winning Produce!

I never thought I’d be able to say it, but I have grown vegetables worthy of a prize!

Last weekend was the Katanning Agricultural Show. For the first time ever, I entered some of my home produce into the show – potatoes, peas and a weird looking carrot. I’ve entered other categories before (my best effort lately has been second prize for my daisies, two years running), but not vegetables. To be honest, I’d been a bit intimidated by some of the awesome vege gardeners around Katanning, who put in such great entries each year…

So you have no idea how delighted I was to receive First Prize for my potatoes!!


Not only do I grow yummy, chemical free, (very) low-food miles, get-dirty-in-the-garden-with-the-kids, self-satisfying vegetables, I can now also brag that they’re the best potatoes in the district!

The joys that a vegetable garden bring just keep on coming!

I encourage everyone to get involved in entering their local community agricultural shows – whether it be produce, cooking, art, photography, flowers or something else, there is something really fun about participating (and a little competitive spirit!).


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