Doors to the Past

I’m sure most people don’t blog about doors, but I’m going to.

In keeping with the recycled theme of our house build, all but one of the 14 timber doors began it’s life in very different buildings to the one they now stand in.

The original house on our farm is the majestic Dunbar homestead, built in 1904 with magnificent stained glass, high ceilings and ornate timber trims (currently undergoing an amazing renovation at the hands of my very clever bro-and-sis-in-laws), donated some its original doors to us. They are amazing panelled oregan doors, with layers of paint from many years of service.


David sanding paint from the recycled doors.

But there weren’t enough. Luckily, our friend Nick of RedGum Carpentry, Building and Maintenance had a stash of doors sitting in his yard that matched perfectly – salvaged from a 2008 re-fit of the historic Royal Exchange Hotel in Katanning.

Not only did Nick donate the doors to us, but he also gave us many many hours of his fantastic professional skills for nothing more than cheese and pineapple toasties and great company! Nick was on the roof, installing gutters, providing advice, and perhaps most importantly, teaching us how to hang doors.


David (left) and Nick (right) working on the roof frame.

Apparently hanging doors is a fine art at the best of times (which fortunately Nicko is very good at), but hanging doors that had been trimmed, hung, angled, painted and all sorts of other things over the last 100 years was extra tricky! Many weren’t even square anymore! But we got there.

If you visit our house, look closely. Although the doors appear to match, there are variations in the beading, old keyholes, dents and other beautiful relics of their long lives – if only they could talk, imagine the stories they could tell!


I wonder who originally held the key to this door?

So much more interesting than ‘perfect’ brand new doors.



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