Our War on Waste

We’re super-excited about the new ABC TV show “War on Waste”, starting next Tuesday. We love the guys from the Chasers anyway – add that to how pleased we are that they’re lifting the lid on the rubbish job Australians are doing with waste – and its going to be a TV series that I hope everyone watches.

Then, we got a call from the ABC Great Southern journalist Lisa Morrison – they wanted to do a local story to complement the build-up to War On Waste – and figured our waste minimisation efforts would do the trick!

We only use a bread bag in a 3L bin for our domestic waste, and it takes one to two weeks to fill it. I still don’t think that’s good enough, we need to reduce it more. But I am proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and it’s fantastic compared to the majority of Australian households!

This morning was the photo shoot, and now the story is live. Check it out!

Our 3L mini rubbish bin smiling nicely for the camera.

Waste minimisation is one of the topics Katanning EcoHouse can teach you about – book a talk, or even a small group tour of your local supermarket to learn the tips and tricks to get your waste down!


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