Sneak Peeking at the Understorey

I checked out my understorey regeneration sites today to see how they’re going. Now, seasoned revegetators will tell you simply not to look the first summer as the results are often depressing – wait until the following winter when the rains come and things take off. But like a kid hanging around the Christmas tree, I had to peek!


Peek-a-boo! Seedlings doing well in the “tree guards without soil water” zone.

At the site where I’m using seedlings, most of the seedlings appear to be doing very well. There is no obvious difference in performance between “tree guards plus soil water”, “tree guards without soil water” and “no tree guards, with soil water”.

But it appears that I have suffered quite a few losses in the sector “no tree guards, no soil water”.



My direct seeded site could be summed up as zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing appears to be growing there 😦  I guess I’ll just need to wait until next winter to know for sure!


Direct seeded site. Still bare.

But the other thing I noticed whilst out in the bush was the melody of bird song – and not just the usual magpies. I reckon there’s an increasing number of woodland birds!

Thanks to Katanning Landcare and the WA State Natural Resource Management Program for the support for this project.


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